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Red’s Reserve Rocket Ride is here for you coffee adventurers who rely on your ‘daily drinker’ but occasionally like a side trip to a different coffee destination.

These are “when they’re gone, they’re gone” coffees – micro-lot coffees from small family farms around the globe.

They’re rarely available here in Ireland but Red certainly thinks they should be (especially since he likes to sneak various coffee gems into Ireland for his own use) Red’s Reserve is his way to, as he is fond of saying, ‘share the love’.

Usually the Reserve offerings will be single-origin coffees, but from time to time – like this time – Red will spotlight a special blend.

The first coffee Red is featuring is his secret recipe blend that he calls ‘Rocket Ride’. It’s a mélange of premium coffees originating from far-flung corners of the world. Red says that ‘it’s a coffee strong enough to give you lift-off and get you where you want to go, while maintaining its identity as a pleasing blend of highly prized coffees; never bitter, never burned.’ It is super versatile and can be made in your espresso machine, cafetiere, AeroPress, or pour-over filter brewer.

Additional information

Weight 0.227 kg
Coffee Type

Fine Grind, Standard Grind, Whole Bean

Pack Size

227g, Ikg


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