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Our Loco Leghorn Coffee is our superior coffee. The Colombian Coffee Board and their fictional frontman Juan Valdez did a bang-up job of  positioning Colombian coffee in people’s minds as a superior cup.  And frankly, it is.  As consumers have gotten more and more taste conscious about the black brew they are drinking, Colombian farmers have worked ever harder to live up to those taste expectations.

So for you Colombian coffee lovers out there we’ve sourced a special high mountain grown coffee from the Bucaramanga region of Colombia.  We’ve compared it against many other Colombian coffees, some much more expensive. Yet we find that our particular Bucaramanga consistently makes a superior cup when compared with the others.

I’d like to think that the premium beans we’ve chosen are only a part of the story because only Red Rooster Coffee has the secret weapon — The Lovely & Talented Roast Mistress — doing the roasting!

So here she double roasts the beans, one batch lightly roasted and one roasted medium to bring out the particular flavours that go into making a classic Colombian roast.  Loco Leghorn coffee is our son’s favourite coffee, his hands down winner!  One of our testimonial writers ranks it as her numero uno, describing the coffee as smooth and full bodied with a lingering aftertaste that is nice and clean.


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Fine Grind, Standard Grind, Whole Bean

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227g, Ikg

1 review for Loco Leghorn Coffee

  1. Paschal

    I use an aeropress.One of the best coffee

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