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We’ve done our best to put information here on the website that answers your artisan roasted Red Rooster Ground Coffee questions and tells you who we are and how we roast. We talk about ground coffee, whole bean coffee, fine grind coffee, water quality, coffee filters, and lots of other coffee topics. If you’ve got questions you can’t find answers to just drop us a line, or better yet give us a bell. We’re always glad to talk about coffee!

Oh, be sure to take a look at our blog posts.  There you’ll find diverse topics that include scientific information on coffee all the way to general ruminations on being a coffee roaster.  And please, feedback, good or bad, about the website or the coffee, or anything you have on your mind is always appreciated!

Red Rooster ground coffee is small batch, hand roasted coffee mixed from all natural produce only. Our coffee is entirely flavoured with lovingly crafted recipies using only the finest coffee beans and no artificial flavouring.