ground coffee

Hand roasted coffee, fine ground, standard ground and whole-bean options.

Basically when you’re roasting coffee you’re cooking food. So to help you get your head around the reasons for s-l-o-w roasting think about cooking a big roast, say a ‘Housekeeper’s Cut’. What gives you the best taste, a quickly cooked piece of beef or one that slow cooks for hours?

In the roasting process we use a cast iron roaster — the only one in Ireland — instead of a steel roaster. This makes a HUGE difference in the roast. If you’ve ever cooked in a cast iron pan you know how it delivers a soft even heat that a steel pan doesn’t. So right there you can see the benefits of what we do for the coffee.

So why doesn’t everyone use cast iron? The short answer is time and money. A cast iron roaster takes longer to heat-up than steel. And in between one roast and another you have to let the roaster cool because you don’t want to put raw, green beans right into high heat, you want to gently buring them up to optimum heat. So it takes longer to begin roasting and you have to wait longer between roasts for the roaster to cool down to the proper level (and you know how cast iron holds heat so that takes awhile!). And since it takes longer for the cast iron to heat up we’re burning more fuel to do so.

Hand roasted ground coffee delivered within days of production for full smooth flavour.

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