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Double & Triple Roasting Coffee

So what do we mean when we say double roast and triple roast and what is the best coffee roasting method?  Well every coffee bean is different.  Some are high grown in the mountains, others are grown closer to sea level, and others are grown somewhere in-between.  Some are grown […]

Aeropress Parts

A Coffee Revelation

I’m not too smart.  If you didn’t know that already it will become glaringly apparent very soon.  That’s because I’m going to try and sell you something . . . but I’m not going to make a dime on the sale.  Not too smart. So one of my customers recommended […]


A Trip That Made A Difference

I recently visited the good folks at Watermark Coffee.   They are located in City West, south of Dublin.  Watermark is run by David & Margueritte Lawlor and they are the Gaggia coffee machine dealer for Ireland.  They have a beautiful showroom with all kinds of Gaggia machines—which are works of […]

coffee process

How Coffee is Processed

Coffee is processed in several ways.  Let’s start with the coffee cherry which is the fruit that is harvested from coffee trees. When Red Rooster Coffee receives its coffee order the ‘meat’ of the cherry, the pulp, has been stripped off and we get a 60 kilo bag full of […]


A Coffee Roaster’s Journey

There’s a guy on YouTube named Gary Smith who is the owner of Mukilteo Coffee.  I just love his passion.  He’s been a coffee roaster for 30 years and he still seems pretty happy about it, ecstatic even (visit his website here:  In fact Gary seems to be the […]


Taxes Explained in Coffee

Suppose that every day, ten men go out for coffee and the bill for all ten comes to €100… (they’re drinking Kopi luwak* of course). If they paid their bill the way we pay our taxes, it would go something like this… The first four men (the poorest) would pay […]

Coffee Aroma — Intoxicating science

Aroma is a huge part of coffee’s allure.  My sister-in-law likes coffee.  My sister-in-law loves coffee’s aroma. You know it is true.  We’ve all been there.  It’s early in the morning, maybe the sun hasn’t even made an appearance.  You’re somewhere between la-la land and semi-consciousness and then you smell […]