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Robusta Coffee — What is it?

What is Robusta coffee? In the world of coffee there are two main types of coffee that we consume – Arabica and Robusta. Arabica is the more tender, gentle, needy of the two.  And Robust, as its common name suggests is more robust and hearty: Robusta can be grown at […]

Stinky Refrigerator

Coffee Storage Best Practices

. Coffee Storage The Right Way . I saw a bag of coffee the other day, made by one of Ireland’s small batch roasters, and one side of the bag was clear so that you could see the coffee inside the bag.  On one hand I thought “that’s cool” and […]

Foamy Coffee the Mark of Freshness

Why Foamy Coffee?

Foamy Coffee Means Fresh Coffee So you just ripped open that new bag of Red Rooster Coffee, scooped out the appropriate amount into your press, added water, and now half of the carafe is filled with foamy coffee.  What’s going on!?! What you are witnessing is a scientific phenomenon that […]