This is our favourite page.  I wonder why?

Yes, we love to hear how much people like Red Rooster coffee.  In fact we were blown away recently by a four page hand written letter we received from a Farmer’s Friend fanatic.  So if you’re wavering over the SEND button, wondering whether or not we’d like to hear from you . . . we would!  So press the button!!

In addition to your raves about the coffee if you’ve got suggestions, requests, ideas, or more we’d love to hear all that as well.  While The Lovely & Talented Roast Mistress is a genius, in more ways than one, I am not.  So any help you want to offer is absolutely appreciated.

Thanks for all your kind words, it really gives us a boost. Keep ’em coming!


Let the coffee testimonials begin . . . . and please keep ’em coming!


I’d like to order 2 more packs of the Number 5 coffee (Buzz Bomb)…it’s simply delicious.  As I said when ordering previous…the best coffee I’ve ever tasted!  Now my husband has joined the Red Rooster fan club, hence the need to order more!
–Anne S.


Many thanks for getting the coffee to us so quickly – I was afraid that I would have a mutiny on my hands this morning if it hadn’t!  It has also just dawned on me that I didn’t thank you for the samples that you included in the last order; it was always on my ‘next email’ list.  We really appreciated trying the different blends – the Shop Blend 14 was a real favourite.

Once again, many thanks for supplying us with great coffee and great service

Best regards,
–Geoff A.

I am really enjoying Musicas.  I do not find it to be acidic.  It does have a caramel and fruity flavor and almost a sweetness on the first taste.  No after taste.   The roast is perfect for the flavor.  Well worth the cost.  Thank you for including me in your coffee club.  I am looking forward to our future coffee adventures.
–Michael C.


Interesting flavour [of the Colombia Musicas], I’m getting a bitter/sweet dark chocolate thing going on, liking it!
–Richella M.


The Musicas is a delicate coffee, nicely balanced  but with almost no acidity at all.  I was never good at describing the flavour notes that I feel, but it’s very enjoyable indeed.
–Michal K.


We love this [Musicas] coffee, although it does not have as complex a taste as our usual, Ethiopian.  For us, the smell was of old-fashioned pipe tobacco, & took us both right back to our childhood.  Mild, no bitterness, with nice aftertaste.
–Cleo D.


This coffee is…is… DELICIOUS!  It’s bright and clear and very quaffable.  Yes, quaffable…  A bit too quaffable in fact, we emptied the first pack over a weekend.  A big hit.
–Tommy W.


Quick review of the Colombian Musicas!  Delicious stuff.  Not too dark, not too light.  As smooth as a snake in a barrel of butter!  I got an almost chocolate flavour from it, with none of the acidity mentioned on the fact sheet.  Very impressed, would love some more 🙂  Thank you very much!
–Sam P.

Red says:  Sam, I don’t think I’ve ever heard coffee described like that before.  It’s the first time the thought of a snake in a barrel of butter ever sounded good to me.  Of course, it is the first time I’ve ever thought of a snake in a barrel of butter.


I love your coffee…. I need my fix.
–Jenna D.


Last week I picked up a bag of your coffee for the first time, it was Barnyard Boogie and I fell in love… 🙂  I searched for your website, spend the last hour reading through it and (apart from wishing to tell how much I love that coffee and how much I look forward to testing your other blends) I’m very much interested in joining the Coffee Club! It sounds amazing, I’m totally in. 😀  Thanks a lot for your great work, I hope to hear from you soon.
Angie M.


This coffee [Colombia Musicas (a micro-lot offered through our Coffee Club)] is so delicious.  Lovely caramel flavours and the smell is heavenly.  Really enjoying it.
–Dawn M.


I just spotted your coffee a few months back and when seeing Galway on the bag decided to support some local business.  I was extremely Impressed on sipping my first cup and being able to share this fantastic brew with some visiting family members.  A few weeks later I was even more impressed when investigating where in Galway you were only to find you were much closer than I could have believed, in the same Parish even.  Lovely to know that such a quality product and entrepreneurs are in the same area.
Dave O.


Buzz bomb is SOOOOOO good!!!!!
Philip S.


Happy happy, starting the day with exceptional coffee from an exceptional Irish company. Red Rooster coffees are blended and roasted in Galway by Davenport Specialty Coffee Roasters… and they really, really know what they’re doing.  I’ve tried 3 of their blends so far – Farmer’s Friend (natch), Barnyard Boogie and Loco Leghorn and they each have a luscious depth of flavour that comes from slow roasting with care and attention.  Can’t wait to crack open the Bantam’s Brew!  Their customer service is exceptional too… in fact as someone who drinks a pot of coffee every morning, I’ve committed to never buying coffee from anyone else. Check them out, and indulge yourself.
–Lily dS. (from Lily’s Facebook post)

Red says: When The Lovely & Talented Roast Mistress read your post she did three back-flips. Haven’t seen her do one of those in awhile!

Even though our family roots begin in Scotland, somewhere around the land of Luss, we thought it only appropriate to express our deep appreciation for brewing the most delicious coffee in Ireland or anywhere else as far as we are concerned.

Pam and I have been vacillating between ‘Farmer’s Friend’ and ‘Barnyard Boogie’ over the past two weeks.  Both are delicious coffee’s, but we seem to be leaning toward the Farmer’s Friend.  Please give the L&TRM our sincere compliments!!  We often wake up and discuss which brew we are going to have that morning, being at that age when a cup of coffee in the morning is more desired than that glass of wine at night.  We both agree that your coffee is our new favorite, even after comparing it with our usual stock.

When we open the cupboard, old Red stares at us through the glass wall of the Ball jars we keep the beans in, we live in the country.  He is the best alarm clock around these parts and makes the morning a pleasant experience.

The use of cast iron to roast your beans seems to give the coffee a deep, rich flavor without causing that film of bitterness that can often coat your tongue.  We began using cast iron to cook with instead of SS and have noticed a vast improvement in the way meals taste.  I think you are on to something!
–George C.

Just tasted your coffee [Farmer’s Friend] for the first time.  Absolutely beautiful.
–Nicholas O.


I’ve had some time to try out your coffee (Barnyard Boogie, Bantam’s Brew and Buzz Bomb) and it really is great. My two preferred have to be Bantam’s Brew and Buzz Bomb (lucky enough to get a really fresh bag on Friday!).

Buzz Bomb has such a great flavor. I love the really rich flavour, and the cholocate-y after taste. Plus – twice the caffeine is great!  It’s pretty much exactly what I want for my coffee.

I really love the fact you trade directly with the growers, and it’s roasted locally. It just makes the cofffee even better.  I’ll certainly recommend your coffee to friends and other coffee lovers.

Thanks for the gorgeous coffee, and keep it up!
–Jack K.

Red says:  Jack, do you know how great we feel when we get comments like yours?  Wow, it’s a knock-out!  It sure makes a job we love doing even that much more pleasurable.  Thanks for taking the time to write.

We just tried your coffee ( Avoca hamper!) and truly loved it!  Enriched even further by the fact you roast the coffee here in Ireland!!
–Amanda M.


My wife bought me some of your Barnyard Boogie for my birthday and it’s one of the best coffees I have tasted so far.  Could you send us some beans as we like to grind our own.  One kilo of Barnyard Boogie to the address below.
–Jimmy D.

I’ve been buying your coffee for the past year in McCambidges in Galway.  Normally it was Barnyard Boogie but the last time I went for Buzz Bomb and have to admit I didn’t realise it was what I had been looking for!!  Normally I bring enough to last my work trip but this time I had lads from another vessel onboard and they were so impressed with your coffee [that they drank it all].  Now I’m all out with two weeks to go!!!  So hence my online ordering from your website.
–Declan B.


I’m a student in NUIG and I saw your coffee in Mc Cambridge’s on Shop Street in Galway City.  I bought the Barnyard Boogie blend first to try it out and it pretty much became my treat/special coffee after that.  I had to try them all.  I’ve given bags of gifts to friends also because it’s just that nice.  One of the bags from this order is going to Canada with me for a coffee loving friend over there!  I’m happy you do orders online because I have not been able to find this anywhere in Waterford!  It really is great coffee, keep up the good work!
–Gillian K.


The Farmer’s Friend smells so divine.  Can’t wait to dig in and brew some up and make some ice cream too!
–Imen M.

Red says:  Thanks very much for the kind words and the blog post with the beautiful coffee ice cream that you made.  I gotta get me a bowl of that!  For those of you who want to see it and get the recipe go here: http://farmette.ie/2013/06/11/irish-coffee-ice-cream/


I bought a pack of Barnyard Boogie from Dunnes (in the Eyre Square Shopping Centre in Galway) today. The packaging as well as the promise of locally roasted coffee caught my attention. I made a cup and I really loved it. It was really full of flavor.
–Jack K.


The coffee really is very good. Bantams Brew, Loco Leghorn and Buzz Bomb in particular.  Lots of flavour, very vibrant.  These are perfect for the French Press.

There is one older gent that comes in weekly for coffees and coffee talk and he takes a bag home every week. He worked in specialty coffee and tea in England and travelled the world with it.  He said the Bantam’s Brew was the best coffee he had ever tasted in Ireland.  He was very impressed with the look of the Ethopian beans in Barnyard Boogie, so he’ll be back Friday with more feedback.

I must admit, I can’t get over the quality of blends. I am very happy to have them as you roast beans from different areas [of the world than the other coffee brand we carry], and you pack a lot more flavour into your blends.

You also did a good job on the packaging and branding. Everyone comments on them, or at the very least, takes a closer look.
–Conor N., owner of, and passionate barista at Sos Coffee in Ennis

Red says:  I read that out to The Lovely & Talented Roast Mistress on Tuesday and it took till Friday night to bring her back down to earth.  I’ve got a tether around her ankle right now as she still has the tendency to float off the ground.

Stoked that the bags come so quickly. We’re having the Barnyard Boogie again this morning and taking loads of photos. I will certainly link the blog later on this evening. Also, a few minutes ago my fiance told me that when he went to clean out the grinds from yesterdays pot they ‘smelled just like chocolate’. Ya’ll are certainly doing something right over there in Galway. Thanks so much for roasting beans!
–Ruth R.

Red says: Ruth was so enamored with the coffee that she wrote about it on her blog.  You can read it here: http://hrygth.com/2013/06/01/red-rooster-coffee/  We continue to be blown away by all of your kind words!


Had another delicious cup this am. I’m a PhD student and maybe it will inspire me to research, code, analyse, interpret and write my socks off….


Just a short note to let you know that I got your coffee a few days ago and its absolutely wonderful!  Thank you.  I love it.  I will order more once I am back in Kenmare next month!
–Kristine N.

I bought some of your whole coffee beans in McCambridges a couple of weeks ago and have been meaning to commend you ever since- on a couple of fronts…. Yes, it’s great coffee…. AND I love the packaging…. But mostly I would like to sincerely thank you for the human touch with the humor on the back… The footnote warning re “Excessive consumption (which is encouraged) can lead to completion of assignments, heightened creativity, disappearance of headaches, a general sense of well being and EVEN unbridled joy” really gave me a great chuckle that day… And I needed it!  And also…. Makes me smile every time I see it on the packet…. Because one can get tired of the caffeine free …. Sugar free… health food freakish propaganda out there…. Your words were refreshing!

And finally, thank you for following your desires to have a coffee roasting centre of excellence in Killeenadeema… Loughrea! I am sure the bank manager/business manager in local enterprise centre would have said… Ah no lads, won’t work…. But just goes to show…. Just like Anair and their Michelen star in a tiny restaurant dedicated to high quality, opened in times of recession…. People will go the extra mile to source good quality products…

Fair play to ye, keep it up and thanks again.
–Dr. Pamela B.

Red says: After reading that our heads got so big we couldn’t even fit in the same room together.

We do our very best work while sipping a hot cup of Red Rooster Coffee.
–Jonathan R.

Red says: If you need printed garments — t-shirts, hoodies, polos, etc., or printed things like pens, caps, mugs, etc., give JR a call.  Look his business up on the web at www.eyegraphics.ie.  Besides being fast, flexible, and reasonably priced they just happen to be some pretty nice folks to work with too!


I am the proud owner of one bag of coffee purchased in Avoca Suffolk Street Dublin.  Congratulations!  I am so delighted to find you here.  Not a lot of shelf space for such a great coffee.  I told every customer in sight how great the coffee is so I would say, possibly out of stock now.
–Rachel N.


Hello Davenport Coffee!  Just wanted to say how glad I am that I discovered your brand (I’m a sucker for brown paper packaging!).

Seriously though your coffee is phenomenal. I tried the Bantam Brew first and really enjoyed the rich smooth flavour.  So much so that the following weekend went to buy some more, but mistakenly picked up Barnyard Boogie.  WOW! that one is even better!!!

One of the great things that I’ve found about your coffees (unlike most other supermarket brands) is this:  We use only soya milk in our house and find that 99% of the time real coffee curdles the soya milk rendering it undrinkable.  Yours is fine, never curdled once.

My only criticism is that the packaging is very similar for all of the different blends. Perhaps it would be better having a different colour label or illustration on the label so it’s more obvious they’re different?  Only a small thing I know but it would help me pick up the one I’m actually after.

Once again guys thanks for some great tasting coffee and keep up the good work.

Best regards,
–Jonathan G.

Red says: Jonathan, thanks for the criticism, we’ll take all the honest feedback that we can get, positive or negative.  So on your comments, you are right on the money.  We’ve been talking about that very thing and your ‘criticism’ is a good kick in the pants to get us going.  So look for colour coded labels coming soon.  But then, if they were colour coded, would you have tried Barnyard Boogie!?! 🙂


I hope this email finds you and your family well!  Congratulations on your coffee empire! I am a major fan!!!  Huge thank you for donating the coffee to the school!  Coffee was put into hampers and also sold by the bag.  I bought some too!
–Eilis M.


Lou hooked me up with the coffee you sent to him.  WOW!  This will only be used for special dinners at my house.  That was some GREAT coffee!  Starbucks has nothing on you guys!  Thank You!
–Pete G. [from USA]


We asked a few “tell it like it is” folks who are coffee lovers and would never think to spare our feelings to give us their feedback on our Buzz Bomb (you may never sleep again blend) before launching it to the public.  Here’s what they had to say:

Mystery Taster #1 (coffee made in a high-end home espresso machine): Very dark, almost chocolatey with a strong taste in the back of your mouth. It was exactly the right distance from tasting ‘burnt’ if that makes sense. A bit more and it wouldn’t have been nice for me but it was just right. Tastes a bit like the coffeeholics version of ‘death by chocolate’! I’m looking forward to the buzz and will write about that later!!

Mystery Taster #2 (made in a press): Buzz Bomb is fabulous, one of my favorites. Dave thinks it’s the best yet. We had the first pot with Tony &∓ Brid. We loved it instantly. Great strength, great tastes, great finish. Brid said it was quite strong but full of flavor.

Mystery Taster #3 (heavy-duty commercial espresso machine): We all tried your coffee this morning with a very good reaction. The people who wouldn’t be big coffee drinkers struggled with it, but those of us that take our coffee seriously liked it. I found as well as the initial chocolate hit you got a very fruity aftertaste that was quite pleasant. Sometimes with that fruit you get an unpleasant tang but not with this blend. As for the caffeine buzz it really was noticeable, I wouldn’t drink it at night.


Yep, it rocks…. Buzz Bomb! Day 2…. Proves that day 1 was no mistake…. Buzz Bomb is yum!
–Dr. Pamela B.

I recently purchased your coffee at Joyce’s in Knocknacarra.  Excellent product, I thoroughly enjoyed!  It is now our coffee of choice at our house.
–Simon F.


Have to say love the website, a friend from Galway introduced me to your coffee & I love it.  I’d now like to send it global to my brother for his birthday.  He’s loves his coffee & I hope this will shut him up!!!!!!!
–Deirdre M.

Red says: Hopefully he’s quiet while drinking and then telling all his friends about us the rest of the time!

I don’t know how you guys do it but your coffee tastes so good like BIG Lavazza or Illy 🙂 top 3 of my coffee’s now.
–Adam W.

Hello, I work as a barista in a roastery in Barcelona and I’m on hollidays in Galway.  I’ve just bought your Yirgacheffe (Barnyard Boogie) in a shop and it smells like heaven, I can’t wait to try it.
–Rosa G.

I’m just back [to the U.S.] from a visit to Ireland.  While in Galway I bought your Red Rooster coffee. We just made it the other day for some friends that were over for dinner. Everyone, including my tea drinking wife enjoyed it very much.
–Damon M.

I have just tried your coffee for the first time, really enjoyed it, well done.
–Ian A.


I’d like to place an order for some Bantam’s Brew, please.  We liked what we got in McCambridges recently and we would love to try the other coffee you mentioned if possible.
–Hilary R.

Received the [mail order] coffee and I am loco over Loco Leghorn!!  My favorite roast so far. I am a Colombian bean fan  and you’ve really done it justice. Very smooth, full bodied. I don’t like a coffee with a lingering aftertaste and this one is nice and clean. Thanks and I will be ordering more!
–Laurie S.


Incidentally, well done on your website warnings regarding the politics behind big-name certification. Many consumers think they’re doing enough in purchasing fair trade products, without stopping to think any further…
–Darina M.

Last  week I bought a bag of your Barnyard Boogie coffee while we were in Loughrea for the weekend and loved it.  I was wondering if your coffee can be bought in Dublin?
–Ken S.

I just purchased some of your Bantam’s Brew coffee in Corry’s [in Loughrea] and can honestly say it is one of the nicest coffee’s I have tasted.
–Billy L.

Hi guys, just a quick mail to say I am having my first cup of your Red Rooster coffee and it is really nice.  I have not tasted anything that flavour-full from a home perculator and am struggling to think of any shop with as nice a flavour.  I think you might be on to something with this, I’ve singled out the nicest coffee spots in Galway and when there I treat myself to a cup.  Your Red Rooster makes me feel like am having a treat 🙂  You gotta share this and it will amaze me if you don’t have great success.
–Philip T.

Three weeks ago my brother poured me the best coffee I’ve tasted in a long time–Bantam’s Brew. He then told me it was roasted in Kilnadeema Loughrea! I loved it so much I offered to build a fresh website that might match the quality of their product. If you love coffee you’ll love this product.
–Warren R.

Red says:  Warren, thanks so much.  Your unsolicited and kind help got us off of high center on the website and got us going.